Mulberry is a leading structural refurbishment contractor in the traditional roofing and liquid applied membranes. Traditional roofing consist of high quality materials and bespoke service while Liquid roofing and balconies is fast becoming the ‘system of choice’ due to speed and versatility of installation, as well as eliminating the risks associated with fire and hot works. The environmental benefits are also significant as these cold applied seamless coatings can be applied over existing roof build ups avoiding major disruption and tenant decanting.

Mulberry are approved contractors for many of the UK’s leading BUR and cold applied liquid systems and are able to advise on the most suitable product to protect your building. If your building is experiencing water ingress, we can also carry out unbiased non-destructive leak detection surveys to determine the most appropriate repair method.

We embrace the latest technology and proven manufacturers systems which is applied by our own directly employed workforce who are qualified in the products they use which allows us to offer substantial guarantees.